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Improve Your Business

Whether you’re looking to install your first computer network, support an existing network or expand your current technology, we are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT so they can concentrate on growing their business.

When you work with LanWin Consulting we will advise and guide you on the impact that specific technology decisions will play in your company’s future. No matter what size your company is today, we will bring enterprise level support – a service once only made available to the fortune 500’s – to you.


Reduce operational costs associated with managing IT networks by leveraging our affordable, world-class IT management solution that has proven experience.


Building the best defense possible and constant vigilance are required to reduce vulnerability. Organizations need to look at every possible scenario to keep malicious code from infiltrating the network.


When it comes to Remote Monitoring & Management, companies trust LanWin Consulting. We enhance operational efficiency and increase revenue through improvement of internal IT, performance management and device availability.


Over 50 million backups each year are done using hybrid cloud backup & recovery, making it one of the most used, cost-efficient methods of preparing for the worst.


Our IT Assessment provides the economical and reliable business continuity our client’s demand. LanWin Consulting enables companies to create and establish business processes that advance IT innovation. Additionally, the Assessment exposes hidden costs within your operation.


IT projects can be overwhelming. Understanding the right mix of servers, applications, and security solutions to maximize performance and minimize risk is often a daunting task. Our IT professionals understand the solutions available to you and the technology to support your special business goals.

We’re the provider of outsourced information technology management services for growing and evolving business for small, and mid-size companies. We offer comprehensive outsourced IT, Web design, and Web Hosting services.

We're staffed with industry professionals with years of experience delivering optimal IT services and ensuring that every dollar spent yields the maximum return on investment.

We were founded with the idea that even smaller to mid-sized businesses need guidance to optimize their IT environments while still minimizing expenditures. This is exactly our specialty.

  • Lan is an extremely knowledgeable IT professional who really understands how to leverage available technologies to grow and support business. He is always looking for ways to improve business and is a benefit to any work environment with his great attitude. His insight and approach make doing business easier.


  • Lan is a very talented individual who brought many great innovative ideas to our company. He was able to reshape our Technology group and take us to the next level. He has a high level of integrity and is a great guy to be around. We are still using Lan today as a consultant through his new consulting business. I would highly recommend Lan for any technology projects you might have. I have referred him to others who have been highly satisfied!


  • I have known Lan for several years and am pleased to say that in the 6 years that we worked together I found him to be absolutely honest, dedicated, insightful, and creative in his problem solving.

    Lan wore many hats for me – and as the primary server architect for the Enterprise he always found ways to deliver on his promises – within budget and on time. I found him cool under fire, amiable, with a kind spirit that was always positive to our morale. He does not shy away from hard work nor does he take shortcuts.

    Lan always went above and beyond – It was a great joy to work with him.